Victory Heat Rally - Time Trial Demo (SAGE 2020)

Welcome to the VHR time trial demo! 

This is a small taste of the much larger demo that will be launching alongside the VHR Kickstarter soon!

You can find the official VHR webpage & sign up to our mailing list here -


Victory Heat Rally SAGE Demo (20).zip 27 MB
Sep 10, 2020

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This game is begging for drift on both triggers.  That is, drift left using the left trigger and right using right trigger. Or just drift using either trigger so anyone used to one way or another can do as they please.

 It feels so odd drifting left using the right trigger, and vice versa. Every time I had to drift, it didn't feel right when the trigger I was pressing didn't represent the turn I was making.  I love the concept of this game, but if the devs are reading it, I really hope they do something like that.


never even thought of that, shouldn't be too hard to implement. thanks for the feedback!

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Oh that is awesome!  I was struggling to play the .0.7.7 original and time trial beta as I couldn't wrap my head around the drift mechanic assigned to one trigger. I think that anyone familiar with F-Zero will appreciate having drift on both, and it just feels natural.  Thanks for the consideration! I'm following your KS and will back it when it launches.  Sprite scaler games are such a treat to see when done authentically, and the Power Drift inspiration is strong here.



I had such a great time with this. Thanks so much for making it!!!


Really amazing, there's so much improvement since the last demo. Had a blast playing this!


The track is fun to play and the controls feel tight & responsive. Hope to see more soon! Great job :)