We're back on VHR dev!

Back on VHR dev!

Today we're back to developing VHR! As with each of VHR's new builds, we start with an updated Sally McRally sprite, which becomes our point of reference/quality standard for the rest of the game's art. Stay tuned for more updates!

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My goodness, this is such an amazing game. I adore the style of it and it is super addictive. I feel as if it really needs a multiplayer mode because that would be super fun. Also, a campaign may fit into this game really well. Other than that I look forward to what is coming next.

Is the design in the middle going to be the final? It looks the cutest

I'm pretty sure that's the current sprite (as of v1.1.1). Personally, I don't see what needs changing, as it's good as it is already, but I look forward to what lies ahead!