Definitive Kickstarter Demo! update 1.1.0

This update includes loads of various improvements, overhauls & fixes!


- NEW Art & Stage decorations

There's new & improved artwork & new decoration layouts in every stage/track!

- Tire selection 

Customize your ride's stats by choosing from 3 different tires! 

  • Drift    (-1 speed, +1 handling)    Makes your car even easier to handle & drift, a great choice for beginners.
  • Standard    (0 speed, 0 handling)    Your car's vanilla driving experience
  • Grip    (+1 speed, -1 handling)    Improves straight line traction at the cost of handling, the best choice for advanced drivers who want MAX SPEED

- Color Choices

Pick from a selection of different paint jobs for your ride!

- NEW Audio & SFX!

There are now a lot more SFX & sound cues than any other build,  adding much more dimension to the overall experience.

- New Victory Screen

& MORE, play it & see for yourself!

Don't forget we're currently crowdfunding the game on Kickstarter! 

We're almost at the halfway point towards our goal! Help us bring this game to life by becoming a backer & get some sweet rewards!

VHR Kickstarter LINK   -


- Team VHR


Victory Heat Rally 32 MB
Oct 21, 2020

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Hey, just wanted to come over and say that I absolutely love what you're doing. The visual style, colour scheme, everything about your game looks like it's just packed with so much joy; I love seeing it whenever it pops up on my feed. I'd love to back you but every spare penny I have is going on my own project's budget right now, but I wish you the best and really hope you make it.

Hey Ethan! We definitely know what that's like, thank you for the support! Good luck with your own project!